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What Is Scabies ?  

Scabies is a skin infection and it is caused by mites. Scabies is actually a torturous disease to have. One of the classic symptoms of scabies is the itching it causes. This itching seems to increase when you sleep during the nights. Even children are susceptible to scabies.

It is an extremely contagious disease and it can spread from one person to another when you come in skin to skin contact with the infected person. If the mites were transferred to clothes and mattresses or bedding, then you can get this skin condition. The mites live for up to 48 hours outside the body, so they can transmit themselves through some medium into human body again very easily.

If a person in your house has been infected with scabies, then you should all stay away from that persona and also wash all their clothes and the bedding they use in hot water to make sure that the mites die. Until the treatment for it is over, nobody should come in contact with the infected person by touching them.

Scabies infection is caused by an eight legged mite. It is very small and hardly visible to the naked eye. However, when it travels under the skin by crawling it causes an itching sensation. These insects feed on human blood. They lay eggs under the skin by burrowing and also multiply very rapidly.

Scabies can be treated by using creams and antibiotic applications. One should diligently use these creams so that the mites die soon and the creams kill the eggs that they alky also.

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What Is Scabies




Where-Does-Scabies-Come-From      Scabies is caused by a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. It is an extremely contagious skin disease spreads from one person to another when they come in close contact with the infected person. Also, scabies mites can come from clothes and bedding. Usually they cannot live outside the human body for more than 48 hours, but within this time period it is highly likely that they can find another host body. More..




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