Cause Of Whole Body Skin Rash

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Cause Of Whole Body Skin Rash

A skin rash is an allergic reaction generated naturally by the body. There could be several reasons for a skin rash to appear. According to Mayo Clinic, a number of digestive problems can also cause a skin rash. These rashes can also appear on the whole body. Some diseases like celiac disease, liver disorders, iron deficiency, like anemia, and other kidney problems can also cause skin rashes, which can spread to the entire body.

However, there are several causes for whole body skin rash, and some of them are discussed below.

Celiac disease is related to the intestinal tract and is a condition in which the body cannot absorb the gluten or protein from foods like barley, rye and wheat. The immune system in this case treats the gluten like a foreign body and severely rejects it. When consumed, the body enzymes react with the intestines lining and destroy them. When the walls of the intestines are destroyed, they cause deficiencies in nutrients. It shows several symptoms like seizures, fatigue and an itchy rash. This is characterized as a dermatitis herpetiformis.

Liver and kidneys cause body rashes when they are not functioning properly. Both these organs filter the toxins out of the blood stream. If they are not working properly, then rashes on the skin appear. There can be several outbreaks in the body. The skin is the largest organ of the body and if there is any problem inside the body, the skin is likely to develop the first symptom. Iron deficiency causes the blood cells to become weak. Certain rashes that appear blue in color could mean a problem with iron deficiency.

Some drugs also cause skin rashes. The body can react through a skin allergy if it is not accepting any drug. The medications can be consumed or they can be applied on the skin. If the body is not receptive then there could be outbreak of rashes. Some of the drugs that are known to cause the outbreaks are clotrimazole, cephalosporins, penicillin and ketoconazole. There are many more pain killers and other steroids that can cause such allergic reactions.

Cancer is a disease that directly affects the immune system. Any kind of immune system suppression can cause frequent skin rashes. People who suffer from leukemia have small red rashes and spots on their skin and it is called petechiae. These are caused due to the blood that leaks from the capillaries.

Certain thyroid disorders also cause skin rashes. People with thyroid experience a lumpy red rash which is widespread in the body.

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