Obesity Skin Rash Treatment

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Obesity Skin Rash Treatment

Obesity is a condition that causes a person to become overweight. Obesity is a major health risk because it causes several other health problems. There are several problems that crop up along with obesity, and one such problem is obesity-related skin rash.


The skin takes care of excess weight and becomes prone to rashes. Obese people have skin folding on their body, and dirt and oil collect in these folds of the skin. These, if not cleaned regularly, can result in rashes. The only way to get rid of the skin rashes is by losing excess weight.

There are quite a few kinds of obesity-related skin disorders like hyperandrogenism, cellulitis, ulcers, perineal dermatitis, erythrasma, stasis ulcer, varicose veins and stretch marks. Almost all diseases get cured when the patient loses some amount of weight. The marks of infection on the skin continue to remain on the body even after the person loses weight. Skin rashes and infection caused due to obesity are not infectious.

When an obese person wants to avoid skin rashes, the only way is to be physically active and also give more importance to personal cleanliness. While showering and bathing, it is very important to clean between the folds and also dry them well. When the folds store a lot of dirt, the bacteria grow inside them and cause various infections, such as erythrasma. An obese person should exercise every day, so that they can increase the blood flow in the veins.  This also prevents other skin disorders like varicose veins.

Other skin conditions like folliculitis and dermatisis can be cured by keeping the skin free from oil. There are moisturizing lotions available that help you keep your skin non greasy. When you have such conditions, do not use any petroleum-based products because they will clog and block the pores. They can further cause diseases like cellulitis. A dermatologist is the best person to suggest moisturizers and lotions. Folliculitis is a condition that causes red itchy patches and scaly skin on the legs. The infected areas should be kept clean and dry.

There are some companies like Baripeutic Health that develop skin care products especially for obese people. These products have anti-bacterial properties and also prevent the skin from infections. Basically, these skin care products are designed to protect an obese person's skin and prevent it from getting any infections. However, before using any product on your skin to eliminate bacteria, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

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