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Hypothyroidism And Dry Skin  

Hypothyroidism refers to a condition wherein the thyroid gland produces insufficient hormones. This results in an imbalance in many systems of the body, and one of the problems due to this imbalance is suffering from dry skin. (See Reference 1) The dryness of the skin can turn into a condition known as keratoderma, wherein the skin does not perspire, and the skin of the soles and palm become thickened. (See Reference 2)

Many people with hypothyroidism complain of dry skin that itches and irritates. However, this skin problem can be alleviated by using some natural remedies. One of the most effective remedies to combat dry skin and itching is apply aloe vera gel. The gel can be applied on the skin lightly and allowed to stay on so that it is absorbed completely. A person can also take an oatmeal bath to alleviate the itching brought on by dryness of the skin. Alternatively, the dryness can also be alleviated by using a combination of oatmeal and aloe vera. First, apply a thin layer of oatmeal on the skin and let it stand for around thirty minutes. Thereafter, rinse of the oatmeal and apply the aloe gel. Generally, dry skin due to hypothyroidism is a chronic problem and hence, using oatmeal and aloe vera gel can be effective ways to help with the dryness and the resultant itching. (See Reference 1)

Also, a person suffering from hypothyroidism should ensure that the skin is always hydrated. This can be done with help of natural oils to ensure that no skin irritation occurs. Olive oil and jojoba oil are very good for soothing dry and itchy skin. They will not cause skin irritation. Be generous when applying the oil and massage it gently into the skin. Let the skin absorb the oil and any surplus can be wiped away using a soft cloth. (See Reference 1)

In addition, people suffering from hypothyroidism should ensure that they do not have a hot water bath as it can aggravate the condition. Instead, taking a lukewarm bath will benefit the skin and prevent the natural oils of the skin from being washed away. After the bath, applying a natural oil will help to seal in the moisture in the skin. (See Reference 1)

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Hypothyroidism And Dry Skin


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