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Long Term Treatment For Hypothyroidism  

If a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, the chances are that he or she will need long term treatment. The person will have to take medication for the rest of their lives as directed by the doctor. In some people, they hypothyroidism can be progressive in nature, and in these people the dosage of the medication would have to be increased as the disease progresses. (See Reference 1)

If a person is suffering from hypothyroidism and stops taking the medication, then the symptoms of the disease will return. In such cases, the medication would have to be re-started. In the hypothyroidism is caused due to an illness or infection, then the functioning of the thyroid will return to normal in all probabilities after the illness or infection goes away. Such people can stop taking their thyroid medication for a short while to see if the symptoms return. If no symptoms appear, then the thyroid is functioning normally. (See Reference 1)

A person suffering from this condition needs to have a checkup once a year. The doctor will do a blood test to determine the level of the TSH and based on the test results the dosage of the medication will be altered. At times, the symptoms of the disorder can stay on even after the person is put on medication. This probably means that the person is not getting sufficient amounts of the medication or the intestine is not absorbing the medication properly. The doctor may increase the medication or put the person on an alternative medication to see whether the symptoms abate. (See Reference 1) However, careful monitoring of the patient is required as both too much or too low dosage can have repercussions

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Long Term Treatment For Hypothyroidism


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