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Signs And Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism  

If a person knows the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, he or she can detect the condition early and seek proper medical treatment for the same. If hypothyroidism is not treated, it can result in myxedema coma and this condition can be life-threatening. (See Reference 1)

Generally, the symptoms of hypothyroidism develop gradually and do not occur overnight. At times a person may suffer from borderline hypothyroidism and may not have obvious symptoms of the condition. (See Reference 1) Also, if hypothyroidism is present with some other health condition, the doctor may assign the symptoms to the health condition. Hence, it is imperative that a person make note of the symptoms and present the same to the doctor. (See Reference 1) Also, this thyroid condition can be hereditary and women are more prone to getting it compared to men.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism include the following:

  • Excessive tiredness for no reason
  • Experiencing weakness and tiredness in the muscles
  • Unusual gain in weight without making can changes to the diet or even after doing regular exercise
  • Loss of hair
  • Hair turning extremely dry and coarse
  • Skin become rough, dry and itchy
  • Unnatural pallor of the skin
  • Being highly sensitive to cold even when people around are not feeling cold
  • Suffering from cramps in the muscles that do not go away very easily
  • Suffering from loss of memory
  • Lowered libido or sexual drive
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle
  • Irritability
  • Constipation

While these symptoms are very general and could be mistaken for some other health condition, it is imperative that a person experiencing more than one of the aforementioned symptoms get a blood test done to check their TSH levels. This test will reveal whether the person is suffering from hypothyroidism or not.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism


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Signs And Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism )
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