How Is Typhoid Spread ?

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How Is Typhoid Spread ?

Typhoid is one of the sot common types of illnesses that are prevalent ion the world and it is caused by the salmonella typhi bacterium. In the United States alone, nearly four hundred cases of typhoid are diagnosed every single year. That is very low compared to several Southeast Asian countries and Africa.

The main reason for typhoid to occur is poor sanitation conditions. When the sanitation procedures are bad, the water gets contaminated by feces, and when people drink such water they get diseases like typhoid.

The symptoms of typhoid are extreme, and it causes fever for an indefinite period of time. A person can get fever for as many as 14 days. The fever decreases in the morning and increases to very high levels during the nights. It also causes chills in the body headaches, muscle pain, joint aches and many more symptoms. It can also cause constipation or diarrhea, including dehydration.

Typhoid is also a highly contagious disease. If one person in the family has it, they can easily spread the disease to another person through mucus and exchange of saliva, and through cough or cold. This particular bacterium also can be spread only by humans as it lives only in humans. The bacterium gets into the intestinal tract of the person and then it affects the bowels. Even when a person has completely recovered from typhoid, they may be still carrying the bacteria. Also, they shed these bacteria in their stools. That is one of the reasons why poor sanitation and hygiene procedures lead to increase in the number of cases of typhoid fever.

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How Is Typhoid Spread