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Plantar Warts Home Remedy  

Plantar warts are lesions that form on the foot due to a virus getting into the blood stream through small cuts and or breaks in the skin. Usually the virus stays in a dormant state for a certain period of time, and that is why it is quite difficult to diagnose the warts in the initial stages.

However, these warts can be treated through certain home remedies, which are quite effective even for people who suffer from diabetes.

One of the most popular plantar warts home remedy is sticking duct tape to the region where the wart exists. The tape is left one for around one to two weeks. Many people who have tried this home remedy state that it is quite effect in reducing the warts.

Another plantar wart home remedy is sticking a ball of cotton that is steeped in apple cider. It is believed that this helps in getting rid of the warts rather fast. However, make sure that you soak the foot where you have the warts in hot water every two days.

For some people sticking a piece of banana peel to the warts is helpful. Practically speaking, this might not be possible for people who have to go to work or leave their homes everyday for some or the other tasks, as they will have to wear shoes. However, this home remedy for plantar warts can be tried at nights when a person is retiring to bed.

As plantar warts are caused by a virus, it is suggested that one should soak their foot in ice cold or near-freezing water for a period of ten to fifteen minutes to destroy the virus. Also, this process softens the warts and they can be rubbed off with the help of a pumice stone.

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Plantar Warts Home Remedy




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