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When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred ?  

Genital warts are caused due to the humanpapilloma virus, also known as HPV. This virus actually has many different strains, and some of the strains are responsible for causing genital virus. However, the virus can also cause warts on other parts of the body like the anus, hands or feet.

If a person has genital warts, it is a highly contagious infection. It can pass on to the person's partner during intercourse or to other people who have skin to skin contact. The virus is so potent that it can be transmitted to others even when the person does not have any warts. Usually people who have multiple sexual partners are at a high risk on contracting genital warts. Also, if a person has genital warts and receives oral sex, the person performing the act can get warts around the mouth. However, this is quite rare, but it does occur in certain cases.

If a person has genital warts, he or she should refrain from having sex until all the warts clear up. Also, if a man has the warts and he ensures that the condom covers the infected part completely, then the chances of getting the warts are minimized. However, this is not a sure shot way of protecting yourself from the virus.

If you are suffering from genital warts, make sure you visit the doctor immediately to get treated. Untreated genital warts can lead to cancer of the cervix or cancer of the penis. There are numerous treatment measures that are available to treat the warts, and you can avail any of these methods after consulting your doctor.

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When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred




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When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred ? )
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