Sleep Sweating And Cymbalta

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Sleep Sweating And Cymbalta

Cymbalta is used to treat depression, and like any other medication even it shows various side effects. Should one take the side effects seriously and discontinue the medication are what several people wonder. However, it is advised that before you take any harsh decision; discuss the matter with your physician.

Most physicians do suggest an alternate medication if one does not suit. However, discontinuing directly may only make the side effects worse and along with that you might end up suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Different people go through different set of symptoms on taking Cymbalta. Some suffer from nausea and headaches, while other go through severe night sweats and constipation.

Usually night sweats mostly occur for people who suffer from high fever or problems like irritable bowel syndrome. Cymbalta can also contribute to night sweats. However, sweating while sleeping is not considered to be very healthy by the doctors, and they may prescribe a change in medication for you in such a case.

Never quit the medicine on your own as it may cause withdrawal symptoms and it might also end up increasing depressive mood swings. It may also cause insomnia which is a worse condition to deal with. If night sweats is your problem and if it started after you started taking Cymbalta, then you should immediately discuss with your doctor. Also, once you start your medication you should keep a close tab on the symptoms you are experiencing. Only then you will be able to evaluate and segregate your health problems. This is very important for the efficient functioning of the drug.

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Sleep Sweating And Cymbalta