Folic Acid And Fortification And Increased Rates Of Cancer

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Folic Acid And Fortification And Increased Rates Of Cancer

Several studies and articles have emphasized the numerous health benefits that folic acid can bring to an individual. However, the negative effects of cancer should also be taken into consideration.

Although taking folic acid supplements are linked to lower cases of low birth weight, and lesser chances of neural tube birth defects among babies, there are also claims that link fortification of folic acid to increased chances of getting specific types of cancer. Recent studies highlight that if you take too much folic acid, you will have higher chances of getting bowel cancer.

In the United Kingdom, an increase of around 3,000 cases of prostate cancer has been noted. Intake of too much folic acid is also associated with higher risks of breast and prostate cancer.

According to a professor from University of Toronto, the increased numbers of life-threatening cancers can be traced to lesion growth that is caused by intake of too much folic acid fortified in some foods, such as flour. An expert from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich also stated that an unmetabolized folic acid in the bloodstream may be the result of an individual’s high intake of folic acid.

Another relevant study also disproved the claim that an intake of folic acid provides an individual the protection against colon cancer. Likewise, the study highlighted the finding that a male would have higher risks of getting prostate cancer if he takes too much folic acid compared to a man who did not take folic acid supplements.

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Folic Acid And Fortification And Increased Rates Of Cancer