Folic Acid Supplement And Cancer

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Folic Acid Supplement And Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that is prevalent today. Extensive research is still going on to find a solid remedy for it. Cancer is initiated from cells which are basic building blocks of the body. The healthiness of the cells depends on the proper replication of DNA. The main factor that contributes to this is proper levels of folic acid or Vitamin B.

Thus, folic acid is an inevitable component in the make up of healthy cells.

Extensive research and study on the impact of folic acid on cells have resulted in proving its efficacy as a strong anticancer agent. A reduced dietary intake of folate will lead to colorectal cancer. The possible biochemical reason for this is that folate is included in co-enzymes to facilitate nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism. This metabolism is essential for DNA synthesis as well as DNA repair. Folate is inevitable for methionine regeneration.

Hence, any deficiency in folate will lead to an abnormal DNA synthesis and DNA repair mechanism causing colon cancer. Heavy drinking blended with low folate and methionine intake triples the risk of colon cancer. 

Studies support the fact that folic acid helps to prevent the risk of breast cancer by preventing DNA replication errors and methionine regeneration for DNA synthesis. Researches proved that the maternal folic acid supplementation protects the child from childhood leukemia.

Folic acid supplementation prevents the initiation of pancreatic cancer. The risks of breast cancer by moderate alcohol consumption can be checked by the antagonistic activity of folic acid. Gestational folate deficiency can lead to neural tube defects in the infant. By regularly taking sufficient levels of folic acid supplements, it is possible to stay protected against the nightmare of cancer.

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Folic Acid Supplement And Cancer