Janumet and alcohol - Januvia and drop in blood pressure

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Janumet And Alcohol Janumet And Alcohol

The generic names for Janumet are metformin and sitagliptin. Janumet is a drug that is taken orally to maintain a steady level of blood sugar in the body. Janumet is specifically used for people who are suffering from diabetes type 2, and who refrain from injecting insulin every day.

It should be noted that consumption of Janumet should be done after consulting the doctor. While consulting a doctor, all the allergies, and kidney or heart ailments should be clearly mentioned. More...


Januvia And Drop In Blood Pressure

Januvia And Drop In Blood Pressure

Recently in September 2009, it was announced by the US Food and Drug Administration that patients taking Januvia to control Type 2 diabetes could face a high risk of developing pancreatitis. This has led to the FDA to update the prescription information for Januvia as 88 patients have reported pancreatitis, and this included two patients suffering from hemorrhagic pancreatitis or necrotizing pancreatitis.More...