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How Long Does Januvia Take To Work ?  

Januvia is a drug that is taken orally to cure diabetes type 2. It helps in stabilizing the level of the blood sugar in the body. All those people, who have allergy to any of the components used in the drug, should keep away from Janumet. Patients suffering from various diseases like diabetic ketoacidosis, or any illness related to the kidneys should also avoid taking this medication.

The patients should intake the exact quantity of medicine as prescribed by the doctor. The duration of the medicine to be consumed should always be followed by the patients, or it can prove to be dangerous.

Januvia has a half life on 12.4 hours, and after approximately 87 hours, which is about three and a half days, 99 percent of the drug taken would be flushed out of the system. This should give you an indication as to how long the drug stays in the body. With it comes to judging how long does Januvia take to work, it can be said that the medication will work only after meals. Therefore, it can be said that it sets to work immediately and helps to lower blood sugar levels.

One of the main functions of Januvia is to extend the activities of proteins which in turn increase the release of insulin after the rising of blood sugar levels. Januvia does this by blocking an enzyme, and breaking down the proteins which help stabilizes the sugar levels in the body.

Januvia helps in producing longer lasting insulin in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes who are unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin required by the body.

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How Long Does Januvia Take To Work




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How Long Does Januvia Take To Work ? )
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