How Long Can I Safely Take Naproxen ?

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How Long Can I Safely Take Naproxen ?

People have to take medications for different reasons. Some medications are taken for a prolonged period of time, while others are taken for a short duration. However, everyone needs to find out if the medication that they have been prescribed is good on a long-term basis, or does it have harmful side effects.

Naproxen is a common drug that is used to reduce inflammation and treat pain in joints and tissues. Some people experience such problems on a short term basis but for some, unfortunately, it is long term. It is a non-steroid long-term medication, and people suffering from chronic ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis are supposed to take it on long term.

However, there are several applications for Naproxen. Like it is used in treating dental conditions, and tendonitis. It can even be used in treating basic conditions like headaches, back pain and swellings. It is very similar to Advil or Motrin. Usually, the drug is used for short-term treatments. Where it has been prescribed for long term, it is usually under a doctor’s supervision. However, most doctors do not prefer to keep the patients under its effects for a long period of time because of the side effects.

Some of the known side effects of the drug are it has effects on liver, and eventually can lead to hepatitis. It also affects the kidneys and stomach on long term basis. It also has the potential to affect the heart if taken for a prolonged period of time. Knowing so many associated risks, doctors always make sure that it is prescribed for reasonable periods of time.

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How Long Can I Safely Take Naproxen