Amount Of Time Before Prozac Works

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Amount Of Time Before Prozac Works

Prozac is a medication that is used to treat depression. It is one of the most popular drugs used in the United States of America to treat low grade common depression. It is manufactured by the Eli Lilly Corporation.

Prozac takes at least two to three weeks to get into the system completely. However, the effects of Prozac are seen in the first two hours after taking it. Patients notice that they are more cheerful couple of hours after taking this medication. Prozac helps in elevating the mood by reacting with certain chemicals in the brain. Prozac is used to treat milder forms of depression and is a mild antidepressant.  

Prozac does not have to be tapered off gradually when it needs to be discontinued. The drug can be used for six weeks or more. It functions in the same manner as Paxil or the same category of medications. Prozac is used to treat mild form of depressions or mood swings. The medication is not prescribed in high dosages. The active ingredient is in very low percentage so chances of addiction are negligible. This makes the medication easy to start and discontinued depending on the need of the patient.

The known side effects of Prozac are anxiety, depression and moodiness. However, when used for a prolonged period the symptoms can worsen and even become fatal. Typically a patient starts to notice side effects within two weeks of being on the pill. This also proves that the drug is working to treat the condition

One has to wait until Prozac takes complete effect before switching medications, which is about 3 week’s time.

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Amount Of Time Before Prozac Works