Seroquel And Breast Cancer In Animal Studies

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Seroquel And Breast Cancer In Animal Studies

Seroquel is a brand name of Queitapine, which is used to treat psychotic conditions schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is a product of AstraZenca group of companies. It has its bit of side effects, and some patients may also have suicidal thoughts while they are on this drug. Hence, they need to be closely monitored during their treatment.

While people do know that there are side effects of Seroquel, not many people are aware that there have been studies conducted with regards to the use of Seroquel. Though there is not much evidence related to human use. There are animal studies that indicate that Seroquel may increase the risk of breast cancer.

If there are patients, who are on Seroquel treatment and have a family history of breast cancer, then the patient is advised to go for regular check ups. This is basically a very short term medication and not for preventing future diseases.

While the side effects of Seroquel have been discussed time and again, one needs to have a detailed discussion with one’s doctor before putting a loved one on Seroquel medication and check it there are any alternatives available so as to eliminate the various side effects and the possibility of developing breast cancer.

It is very important to collect as much information about the usage of Seroquel and then start this medication. After all, what is the point of having a medication which may worsen another condition in a bid to reduce one condition? Finally, this is not the only anti-depressant medication available in the market. So, it is alright to try out other options.

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Seroquel And Breast Cancer In Animal Studies