Will The Use Of Tamiflu Affect The Flu Test

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Will The Use Of Tamiflu Affect The Flu Test

Tamiflu is a prescription anti-viral drug that is used to treat flu infections among children and adults. However, Tamiflu has to be administered within a day or two in order for it to be effective. In addition, Tamiflu is also as a preventive medication for flu where the people have been exposed to the flu virus.

Tamiflu is primarily meant for Type A and Type B flu viruses. It is basically a neuroaminidase inhibitor, and when person receive Tamiflu, the body thinks that it has been infected by the virus. As a result, the body will start producing antibodies.

So, when a person receives Tamiflu and then goes for a flu test, there will be a discrepancy in the test, depending on which flu virus the person is being tested for. So, if you still want to know whether the use of Tamiflu will affect the flu test, the answer is yes.

If you are being tested for the virus that Tamiflu protects you against, then the test will come back negative as your body will have antibodies for that particular virus. However, there are many viruses that cause flu, and you could get infected by a different strain of virus against which your body does not have the required antibodies. Therefore, if you are tested for a different strain of virus after receiving Tamiflu, the test might be positive.

However, no flu vaccine, including Tamiflu, is 100 percent effective in protecting a person against flu virus. This is more noticeable among the elderly and young children.

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Will The Use Of Tamiflu Affect The Flu Test