Anxiety And Wellbutrin

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Anxiety And Wellbutrin

Life is becoming all the more complicated day by day, thereby leading to problems like depression and other developments. Medication and anti-depressants are what people sought out for to come out of their anxiety and depression.

Wellbutrin is the medication that many people are prescribed. Wellbutrin is found to be an effective treatment for both major as well as seasonal disorder. This anti-depressant medicine treats the brain. But any medication, although prescribed by the doctor, should neither be taken for a long span of time nor stopped without consulting the doctor. The prescribed dosages and directions are to be followed strictly.

There are medicines that are to be taken only with food and some before food. But, Wellbutrin does not have any such restrictions except that it should not to be chewed or broken; but swallowed as it is. It is a medicine often prescribed by the physician for all cases of anxiety and depression.

There are chances of some dangerous and unwarranted thoughts that could strike one at the initial stage of taking these antidepressant medicines. It is advised to keep a check on oneself during the initial twelve weeks and consult the doctor periodically.

On experiencing symptoms like anxiety or more depression or panic attacks or even thoughts of suicide, the doctor should immediately be approached.

Although Wellbutrin SR is prescribed as anti-depressant, at times conditions of some other ailment is also be considered by the doctor for prescribing the same medication. So, even if one feels better and well, the medicine should not be discontinued unless directed by their physician.

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Anxiety And Wellbutrin