Do Most People Lose Weight While Taking Wellbutrin ?

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Do Most People Lose Weight While Taking Wellbutrin ?

Weight loss under Wellbutrin medication! Yes, many people claim and have confirmed by way of their postings on various online health forums. Wellbutrin is a drug that is found with quite a few side effects by people. Out of these, weight loss seems to be the foremost other than the loss of appetite, jitteriness, slight headaches, palpitations, dryness in the mouth and soreness of muscles.

But loss of appetite need not necessarily accompany loss of weight for every person.

There are cases who have regained their lost appetite with continuous usage of this drug after a short set back in spite of the weight loss. Losing some weight cannot be considered abnormal. Wellbutrin was initially prescribed to people who wanted to cut down their smoking. It was only after a while that weight loss due to this drug was realized. Some people prefer losing their weight to keep themselves active in this fast life as they find it depressing otherwise. For such people, Wellbutrin is found useful until they are settled in their new lifestyle and change themselves to healthy eating habits. Although one is happy losing their unwanted weight, they are concerned with the side effects.

Any medication that is overly taken is not good for health. One needs to take their physician’s advice and follow the prescription to keep their vital immune system intact.

The effect of Wellbutrin need not be the same with all people. While most of the people claim to have lost weight taking Wellbutrin, self medication should be avoided under all circumstances. Wellbutrin should not be taken without a doctor's prescription.

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Do Most People Lose Weight While Taking Wellbutrin