Wellbutrin Side Effects And Quitting Smoking

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Wellbutrin Side Effects And Quitting Smoking

Wellbutrin is a medication prescribed for anxiety, depression and also for quitting smoking. Wellbutrin, although a safe medicine, has some side effects like nausea or vomiting, sweating, headache, fatigue or at times poor vision. But initially, it could give some insomnia. So, the doctors advise not to take this medicine before going to bed.

This anti-depressant tends to bring about suicidal thoughts too initially. It takes around four weeks for the body to get adjusted to the medication. Once the medicine is accepted by the system, the side effects slowly cease to exist. However, even after this time if the side effects persistent, it would be better to consult the doctor promptly.

Stomach gets upset at times as a side effect of this medicine. In that case, the medicine should be taken with food and not on empty stomach. It is better taken as per the schedule and dosage prescribed by the physician strictly. The physician would know better about the dosage level that would suit a person and their health condition.

Anxiety or agitation, palpitations are some other side effects, other than tremor and dizziness. Movements too slow down. People at times lose and some gain more weight. If one is allergic to this medicine, they could develop itching, rashes, swelling or breathlessness, which should be reported to the doctor.

People, who want to stop their smoking habit, are prescribed with Wellbutrin, which helps them to stop smoking successfully. The medication helps to reduce the person's cravings for cigarettes. However, the patient is advised to visit the doctor regularly for the initial one and a half months once the treatment starts.

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Wellbutrin Side Effects And Quitting Smoking