What Is The Difference Between Ativan And Xanax ?

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What Is The Difference Between Ativan And Xanax ?

Ativan and Xanax, both are benzodiazepines. But there is difference in their properties. While both are chemically named Lorazepam and Alprazolam respectively, their drug class is of benzodiazepines. Since both fall under the same category of drugs, the difference among them property wise is quite meager.

As such, the system gets used to a medicine if consistently taken and the dosage has to be increased to get the necessary effect.

The difference actually is seen in the structure of these two medicines visibly. It is all a matter of marketing, which companies come up with to compete with each other. Since they fall under the same category, the effect of the medicine is almost be the same. So, it is all about the shape and structure that is different.

Ativan has a long standing property than Xanax. Although, both of them contain properties of anxiolytic. It is the recreational effect that is missing in Ativan that Xanax has. So, Xanax is much preferred for panic cases and immediate effect. This is because Ativan is much milder compared to Xanax potentially.

Some people find Xanax more euphoric than Ativan. Being potentially stronger, Xanax directly works on the nervous system much faster than Ativan. But it is better advised to let both go if the anxiety is persistent.

For some people, Ativan seems to work faster than Xanax comparatively. They find Ativan to be more apt for a panic situation. It has been observed and claimed by some people that Ativan is more addictive than Xanax. However different they are, they both are not prescribed by doctors for more than two months.

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What Is The Difference Between Ativan And Xanax