How will the covid-19 vaccine be distributed ?

How will the covid-19 vaccine be distributed ?

           Let’s face it. The year 2020 sucks. In my opinion, 2020 is the worst years in my entire existence. Some might even say 2020 is the worst years in this century. No Traveling, No going out, Christmas is some places are even canceled. A lot of folks are on the verge of loosing houses and sanity.


But, thanks the lord the vaccine is finally here. Finally. Hallelujah!.... Believe it or not, there are going to be more than just one vaccine comes out from different company at around the same time. And, as you may already know, most of these vaccines are quite effective. FDA said the vaccine from Pfizer is around 95% effective.

The government said the first group of people who will be eligible for receiving these vaccines are the frontline workers (around 24 million people). The second highest priority will be essential non healthcare workers around 87 million people. And, finally, the third highest priority are adult with high medical condition and the elderly around 153 million people.

But, there are some pretty significant challenge remains. To end this horrible, horrible pandemic, we need to distribute the vaccine to the majority of world population. According to the CDC, we need to distribute vaccine to at least 70% of the world population. Currently, we have over 7.8 billion people on this earth. That means we have to make and distribute over 5.46 doses of vaccine and distribute them across the globe. It is going to be quite a challenging task.

Adding to that, most of these vaccine have to be kept at extremely low temperature. Pfizer vaccine for example have to be kept below 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Even for the countries like the United States, this is not going to be something easy. We, as a nation, have never been facing something like this before.

For the developing countries like India and countries like Africa, they just don’t have facilities. So, it’s going to be much more challenging and more expensive.

Pfizer said they are creating their own container to ship these vaccines out as soon as possible, and they are working with worldwide logistics companies like FedEx and United Parcel Service Inc.

Before Pfizer can begin to ship the vaccines, the governments must tell the company how many does and where to send those vaccines to. Medical supplier must also prep the hospitals and other receiving locations with necessary tools like syringes or needles to administer the vaccine.

The personnel at these locations must also be taught how to store and administer these vaccine. People who are receiving the vaccine must be remind to return to come back for the second dose, usually 21-28 days after receiving the first short.

The reusable boxes which kept the vaccine are stuffed with dry ice and GPS enable sensors.

Once the Pfizer coolers reach their destinations, hospitals or pharmacies will have a few choices of how to store the vaccine. The easiest option is using ultracold freezers, but not many sites have them. Otherwise, the facilities can stash the trays in conventional freezers for up to five days. Or they can keep the vials in the cooler for up to 15 days, so long as they replenish the dry ice and don’t open it more than twice a day.

Distributing these vaccine around the globe is going to be a daunting tasks. But, I know that we will overcome.

How will the covid-19 vaccine be distributed ?