After Period Bleeding  

Bleeding during the menstrual cycle is highly common, but bleeding after periods rarely occurs. There are lots of reasons for such an occurrence. In case you fall under the category of 22 to 35, which is often considered as the reproductive age, such a problem might be rare. However, it might be a symptom saying that the person might face pregnancy issues. Pregnancy disorders are often related to abnormal bleeding. The only solution is by undergoing a pregnancy test.

This test would clarify the necessary doubts. Normally, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, and placental poly are some of the pregnancy related disorders. Now, the color would be either brownish or dark black, which you normally spot on the last day of your periods. But if the bleeding happened days after your cycle then chances are that sex without protection might be the main reason. Hence, it is advised you undergo a urine pregnancy test.

The other reason for abnormal bleeding might be due to presence of hypothyroidism or cirrhosis. Polyps can also be a strong reason for such a problem. They usually circulate near the cervix and start growing which caused abnormal bleeding. Hormonal changes do play a major role as most of the test results have proved that. The menstrual cycle in a way is affected by hormonal changes. If your periods have been irregular then there are chances that it due to hormonal problems.

Proper tests need to be conducted so that the clear factors might be surfaced. At times trauma, malignancy, infection, cervical polyps and fibroids can be the reason for such an occurrence. These are the patients who often face metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, amenorrhea and spotting. Now in case there is a presence of ovulation which might lead to lower abdominal pain, bloating and secretary endometrium. If the patients result does not fall under any such categories, then it might be a case of dysfunctional bleeding, which happens as the lining near the uterus starts growing and circulating due to hormones like estrogen.

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After Period Bleeding




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