Bleeding After Endometrial Cancer  

The uterus is the most important part of any woman’s body. The top of the uterus is known as fundus and the center portion is known as corpus. The lower portion is called the cervix and the uterus is connected to the ovaries with the help of fallopian tubes. They are responsible for the menstrual cycle.

The inner and outer layer of the uterus is known as endometrium and myometrium respectively. Cancer is the most dangerous and painful disease out of all. It is caused due to cells and tissues that keep circulating in our body. When cells grow old, they need to be replaced by new cells, and when they are not replaced, a major disorder arises.

On the other hand, the formation of new cells takes place at a time when old cells are not ready to die. The excess of cells and tissues form tumor. This tumor can be serious as well as can be light depending on the stage of occurrence. Benign tumor can be removed easily before it spreads to any other part of the body. They are not much of a concern. Forms of benign tumors near the uterus can be classified into three forms.

First, ‘fibroids’ that start growing near the muscles, thereby causing bleeding and frequent urination. They crop up mainly when women reach their menopause age or during their early forties. They do not cause much issue and therefore, do need any kind of treatment. Surgery can be done depending on its adversity and size and if suggested by the doctor. Second form is ‘endometriosis’, which affects women who have never gotten pregnant. The tissues start growing on the outside of the uterus, and often harm the other organs in the process. They might lead to painful periods, loss of fertility and vaginal bleeding. Surgery is surely needed. Third form is ‘endometrial hyperplasia’, which leads due to the increase in formation of cells and tissues near the uterus. This can lead to cancer and the patient might face heavy bleeding. Bleeding might also occur during and after periods. The patient might be under constant pain and doctors will need to remove the uterus. The reason for removing the uterus is because the patient will then not face bleeding.

Malignant tumors are cancerous and they damage the surrounding tissues at a fast rate. Endometrium cancer is very famous among women in early 30s and 40s and stress and high lifestyle is often considered the main reason.

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Bleeding After Endometrial Cancer




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