Bleeding During Intercorse  

There are various reasons behind vaginal bleeding during or after the sexual intercourse. It is highly advisable to consult a doctor in such a case as it is not normal most of the times. It may be due to the condition of the vagina, cervix or the uterus. Here are some possible reasons of bleeding during or after the sexual intercourse.

Cervical Erosion – This is a benign condition that involves an inflammation at the neckline of the uterus. Young girls, women consuming birth control pills and pregnant women are prone to it since their cervices are comparably soft than the normal. Although it might need treatment, it can also spontaneously disappear.

Irritation of the Wall of the Vagina – Women, who have reached menopause, can bleed due to the reducing levels of estrogen. This means that the vaginal walls get thin, causing an irritation due to the intercourse. This condition is called Atrophic Vaginitis. It can be improved by the use of lubricating gels. The other way to deal with it is to locally delivering the estrogen to the vagina

Infection – Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and vaginal infection like Trichomoniasis that is spread through sexual intercourse can cause bleeding. Besides bleeding, these can also be reasons for vaginal discharge, burning and itching in the vagina and pains in the pelvis. Most of these can be treated with the help of antibiotics. But, not attended to, it can lead to infertility.

Endometrial Lesions - An endometrial tissue lines the inside portion of the uterus. But, when the endometrial lesion appears on the cervix or in the vagina, it can result in bleeding during or after the intercourse.

Unnatural Growths – Such a growth in the cervix, vagina or the uterus can also result in bleeding during or after the intercourse.

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Bleeding During Intercorse




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