Causes Of Nose Bleeding  

Nosebleeds are caused by the rupturing of a small blood vessel. They are frequently the outcome of a trauma but, they can also be the warning bell for other problems too. There are 2 major types of nosebleeds -- the upper septum nosebleeds and the lower septum nosebleeds.

Lower Septum Nosebleeds:

A septum is a semi-rigid wall that separates the 2 channels containing the blood vessels. Since the blood vessels are closer to surface, they are prone to injury from outside all the time.

Reasons of low septum nosebleeds – Vessels in the lower septum of the nose can be ruptured due to being hit or getting a blow on the nose or sometimes even while picking your nose! Sometimes, dryness inside nose can even lead to nose bleeds. The other reasons for nosebleeds may include high altitudes, allergy, cold etc. Lower septum nosebleeds do not call for immediate medical attention until the time it becomes to stop the bleeding or the victim happens to be too young.

Upper Septum Nosebleeds:

In upper septum nosebleeds, the bleeding that starts inside the nose flows down into mouth and through the throat regardless if the patient is standing up or sitting down.

Reasons of upper end nosebleeds – A high B.P. (Blood pressure) can rupture the blood vessels in the nose leading to nose bleed. Arterial disease like atherosclerosis can also leading to bleeding in the nose. The side effects from medicines and drugs, infection, nasal tumors of both non-cancerous and cancerous kind, Leukemia can all cause the condition. Besides these, Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome, the disorder wherein an outgrowth is present on the nose, is also responsible for bleedings through the nose. Though upper wall nosebleeds are rare, they can be really serious, requiring urgent medical treatment.

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Causes Of Nose Bleeding




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