List Of Bleeding Heart Diseases  

Bleeding heart is a kind of a vine plant that causes reactions on the skin on exposure to it and problems like convulsion if consumed. The roots and leaves of the plant are known to contain most of the toxic content and a toxic chemical known as Isoquinoline. It takes a large quantity of the plant for the poison to take effect.

It is the innate plant of North America. Their conspicuous flowers are useful for a decorative touch to your garden while their low cost maintenance is a perk for hobby gardeners. But, some diseases can wane your garden’s beauty, which would not let those beautiful flowers grow. Here are some diseases you should guard your plant against.

Botrytis: It is a gray mold, which affects different types of plants. It is better to control this infection (Botrytis Blight) within your garden as soon as you can. If you come across a brownish, soggy or mushy plant like material in your garden, you should inspect it if it is a gray mold. You can know it is by looking for silver colored or gray fruiting outgrowths. You can get rid of these by going in for a sterile pruning.

Leaf Spot: It is a commonly seen problem in different types of ornamental and shrub trees, which also include the bleeding heart trees. It first shows up as small brown or black colored spots on the leaves. If left unattended, these spots grow with yellow rings to rot out the centre part. This results in the premature falling of the leaves and their death. Most of the times, this can be dealt with sterile pruning. These are fungal in nature and some common examples include Cercospora, Corynespora, and Phyllosticta leaf spots.

Powdery Mildew: It can be white, gray, black or even pink. It would look like a chalk dust fallen on the plant. Sterile pruning can be the curative measure even here.

All aforementioned diseases are caused by fungi. Other fungal diseases of the bleeding heart include the Root Rot, caused by Pythium Sp. Those caused by nematodes include root-knots developed by Meloidogyne arenaria and Meloidogyne incognita. Viroid and viral diseases of bleeding heart include Tobacco mosaic and ringspots and Impatiens necrotic’s spots

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List Of Bleeding Heart Diseases




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