Medical Management Of Burns  

Burns are painful and require extreme care in handling first aid to complete treatment so as to prevent any sort of infection or avoid worsening the existing pain. It is therefore helpful to know how to manage the burns during the treatment process.

For epidermal burns and scalds:

  • The burnt area should be covered with a dressing and anti-septic creams should be used to prevent any kind of infection.
  • Keep checking the progress of the healing process every 2 days. In case, the skin is broken, you should switch to a moist healing product or something like double layered paraffin gauze.

For superficial and mid-dermal burns and scalds:

  • For the initial 72 hours after the burns, creams with antimicrobial action like silver sulphadiazine cream should be used.
  • Burn injuries that show signs of mild cellulites can be dealt with topical silver sulphadiazine or even antibiotics that can be consumed orally.
  • Victims of burns with serious infection acutely require the referral to a secondary care.

To heal burn injuries:

  • Apply dressings with moist healing products, which encourage the building up the new epithelial tissues.
  • Silver sulphadiazine cream should not be used more than a week in case of non-infected burn injuries.
  • After using silver sulphadiazine cream or an antimicrobial dressing initially, the treatment should focus on moist wound healing like a hydrocolloid dressing.
  • Hydrocolloid dressings do not require frequent changing as with a normal dressing.
  • If hydrocolloid dressings are not available, double-layered paraffin gauze can also be used.
  • To protect the skin after the burn injuries and to help against purities, the usage of moisturizers and non-drying, non-perfumed soap is recommended.

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Medical Management Of Burns




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