Treatment For Radiation Burns  

Burn injuries can be classified into 3 types – first degree, second degree and third degree burns, depending on the gravity of damage to the skin or the organs inside. Burn injury can occur through heat, electricity, chemicals or radiations. The classification of the seriousness of burns remains same for radiation burns too.

Here is how you approach while treating radiation burns:

Before starting off with the treatment, know how serious the burns are and also the source of burning. Sometimes, a 1st degree radiation burn may simply heal without any treatment while 2nd degree radiation burn may spread blisters on the skin and can take up to 3 weeks to cure completely. If the skin goes black and is charred, cover it with a cloth and seek medical help immediately as it can be a serious 3rd degree burn.

You can take medicines to relieve your pain and apply ointments over the affected areas. In case of a 1st degree radiation burn, you can use ibuprofen or an antibiotic and an ointment for burns. Make sure you clean the burnt area gently with water and dry it before applying the ointment. In case of a 2nd degree burn, treat the affected area with cold wet cloths and the prescribed creams or ointments. In case of a 3rd degree burn, a doctor should be called immediately.

You can use Topicure cream that does not only reduces pain but also heals the injuries due to radiation burns. Besides these, there are also some natural ways to deal with radiation burns. A mixture of blue yarrow oil with water has proved to be effective against pain and swelling in a number of patients. Emu oil, Tamanu oil and curcumin are some of the natural things that can be used to treat radiation burns

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Treatment For Radiation Burns




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