Types Of Burns  

Burns are one of the most painful injuries that do not only affect the skin but, also the organs within and the after effects of burn incidences also go to psychological. Burns can be classified into 3 categories, depending on the gravity of their nature -- first degree, second degree and third degree.

First Degree Burns – This kind of burn affects only the epidermis, the uppermost layer of skin. They leave behind pink and reddish colors on the affected skin. There is slight swelling with presence of pain and the skin becomes tender. The scars from first degree burns usually do not last long or are not very prominent.

Second Degree Burns – This kind of burn affects the epidermis as well as the dermis, the second layer under the epidermis, which gets destroyed. The symptoms are pain and swelling which exist as in the 1st degree burns but the color of the skin goes to bright red and blisters are formed on the skin. 2nd degree burns usually leave scars behind. They can take about a week to 3 weeks to heal although they are considered as minor if it affects only 15 percent of the whole adult body or 10 percent of the total body of children.

Third Degree Burns – The 3rd degree burns make the skin look like charred, leaving behind white, black or brown patches. It affects both the epidermis, dermis along with tissues, bones and some other organs. These types of burns are the most serious and leave behind deep scars, which mostly need reconstructive surgery and/or skin grafts. Depending on the damage to the nerves, pain may or may not be present as the pain is not transmitted on complete destruction of nerves.

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Types Of Burns




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