Concussion Effects On Human Body  

Concussions are severe head injuries that take place when the head receives either mild or severe blows. They can have serious long-term consequences. This normally happens in sport where an athlete is allowed to return to the sport early after a previous injury or has a history of concussions and other head injuries.

A concussion is caused by a head trauma where the brain moves violently within the skull, leading the brain cells to fire at once, like a seizure. This may lead to disorientation, memory loss and confusion. Very often these symptoms disappear within a few minutes and the player will not report the signs. They, thus, return to the game without allowing the brain to heal properly. This could lead to a more serious brain injury.

A history of concussion can cause long-term memory loss. Researchers have found that athletes with three or more concussions were nine times more likely to suffer severe concussion symptoms than players with no prior history of concussion.

Effects of concussion may take many forms. The following are signs:

  1. Headaches which do not have any specific pattern.
  2. Loss of memory - some people are not able to recall the event of the injury and what followed thereafter.
  3. A poor attention span and loss of concentration. The person loses track of conversation.
  4. Alteration of personality -- irritability is common.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Lack of self esteem and self confidence.

Only a few of these symptoms occur after a minor head injury. They do not all happen together. Most of them disappear with time -- six months to a year. They also interfere with relationships of family and friends.

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Concussion Effects On Human Body




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