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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder which usually occurs after a person has suffered a life-threatening experience. Earlier, it was assumed that only soldiers suffered from this as PTSD was common among soldiers who had suffered head injuries at wars.

However, psychologists agree that post traumatic stress disorder can afflict anyone after they experience a trauma incident in their lives.

Usually PTSD occurs three months after a traumatic happening. This happening can be anything -- a war, natural disaster, accident or terrorism. The disorder manifests itself with depression, anxiety and fear. It usually lasts for six months but in certain cases it may last for years and end up becoming a chronic condition. PTSD can affect anyone -- men, women and children

Sometimes, there can be other reasons and causes for PTSD. People who take drugs or have been sexually abused are more prone to it. Any incident that can change the chemical balance of the brain, altering perceptions of worry, fear and stress, can lead to post traumatic stress disorder.

The symptoms associated with PTSD are intrusion, avoidance and hyperarousal. Intrusion symptoms are sudden and take place when old memories are brought to mind. In other words, the memories of the traumatic memory intrude and the memory can be triggered by sounds or smell and make a person relive the traumatic experience. These instrusions are sometimes accompanied by nightmares.

Avoidance symptoms are basically attempts by the person to avoid remembering the traumatic incident, which often interfere with marriage, relationships and career. The person may not want to be with family or friends so that the illness can remain hidden. Depression is an avoidance symptom.

Hyperarousal symptoms are the result of stimulated hormones and nerves. The individual may have difficulty in concentrating and be irritable, or explode for no apparent reason. In other words, the person is in a high state of emotional arousal.

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Concussion Ptsd Dementia




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