Effects Of Concussion In The Right Parietal Lobe  

A change in mental status caused by shock is called concussion. Confusion, loss of memory and sometimes loss of consciousness are typical symptoms. A concussion takes place when the head hits or is hit by an object. It can also take place when the brain is pushed against the skull with great force. Here, parts of the brain that control brain function get damaged.

Major causes of concussion are motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. In the former, concussion can take place without an actual blow to the head. Concussion occurs when the vehicle starts or stops suddenly. What happens is the brain is pushed strongly against the skull. Cases of concussion are most frequent in football, hockey and boxing. Other causes are collisions, falls or injuries from bicycling, horseback riding, soccer and skiing.

Parietal lobes are the upper and middle lobes on both sides of the brain. They help you to feel and understand sensations (hot, cold, touch). The right parietal lobe helps you understand what you smell or touch, and allows you to take appropriate action. The left parietal lobe has important language functions.

Damage to the front part of the parietal lobe on one side causes numbness and disrupts sensations on the opposite side of the body. Difficulty is experienced in identifying the location of a sensation like heat, cold or pain. If the back part is damaged, there is right-left disorientation and the person cannot tell the right from the left side. If the right parietal is injured, simple tasks like combing hair and dressing cannot be performed.

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Effects Of Concussion In The Right Parietal Lobe




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Effects Of Concussion In The Right Parietal Lobe )
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