Information On Head Concussion  

Generally serious head injuries occur in a motor vehicle accident when the patient is without a seat belt. Other major causes are bicycle and motor cycle wrecks, falls by children from windows and falls around the house by children and the elderly.

Head injuries can be very serious. There can be bleeding and swelling of the brain if the brain moves inside the skull at the time of the impact. Most people recover from head injuries and have no lasting effects.

The types of head injuries are:

  1. A concussion, which is a jarring injury to the brain. The person may pass out for a while. He may feel dazed and lose balance after the injury.
  2. A brain contusion is a bruise of the brain. There is bleeding in the brain causing swelling.
  3. When the skull cracks, it is known as a skull fracture. The edges of broken skull bones may cut into the brain and cause bleeding.
  4. A hematoma is bleeding in the brain that collects and clots, forming a bump. Sometimes, it occurs after weeks of the injury. Headaches, listlessness, throwing up or problems in balancing may occur. See the doctor immediately.
          After a head injury it is common to have a headache and nausea and feel dizzy immediately. Other symptoms are feeling anxious, depressed, irritable or tired. It may last for weeks and sometimes much longer if the injury was severe. Other symptoms are lack of concentration, memory, forgetfulness or unable to multi task.

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Information On Head Concussion




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