Can Cell Phones Cause Brain Damage ?  

These days you find people talking on cell phones all the time and it has given seamless accessibility to people across the world. It is hard to find a person who does not own a cell phone. However, with the advent of cell phone usage, many people are questioning the safety of cell phones. Whether they have the ability to cause brain damage?

A new research on cell phones and brain damage could perhaps change the way people look at cell phones. The study shows that extremely low levels of GSM radiation can actually cause brain damage. Even a continuous two-hour exposure can cause brain damage among users. Scientists observed damaged neurons in different parts of the brain. Animals were used for this experiment, but nevertheless even humans are susceptible to the same kind of damage. (See Reference 1)

Cell phones are constantly communicating with radio towers and this could be interfering with our vision and brain as well. There is a low frequency radio waves emitted and even though we cannot hear them, there is still a chance suffering from brain damage. Also, people who use cell phones extensively can experience problems with their hearing abilities eventually. (See Reference 1)

Scientists noticed that the microwaves that are sent out by the cell phones can actually cause DNA chain breaks in rats in laboratory setting. They also found damaged parts in the brains of rabbits that were exposed to cell phone radiation. Unfortunately, cell phone radiation and its harmful effects cannot be studied so instantly on the human brain and also one cannot risk the chance of being a guinea pig for the sake of experimentation. However, knowingly or unknowingly our brains may be susceptible to damage caused by cell phone usage and exposure. Furthermore, doctors believe that several teenagers these days complain of headaches, and one of the reasons could be the increased use of cell phones. The effect of cell phone on the brain is still being studied and is in the developmental stage. (See Reference 1)

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Can Cell Phones Cause Brain Damage


1. The Cell Phone Chip Store: Swedes Find GSM Radiation Causes Nerve Damage at Very Low Doses Leakage through the Blood-Brain Barrier


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