Diets That Cause Brain Damage  

Brain damage is mainly caused when the cells in the brain die. The damage can be severe, or it can be mild. The brain is made up of blood vessels and a complex network of neurons, or nerve cells. These neurons are constantly sending out signals to each other. The brain is the busiest organ in the body, and also is one of the most delicate and complicated part of the human body. When human beings want to lift a finger, the signals are sent out by the brain. Without the brain none of the organs except the heart muscle will function in the body.

The brain functions based on constant supply of blood and oxygen. Both these are crucial for proper working of the brain. In addition, diet also plays a very important role in the normal functioning of the brain. What we eat matters a lot. When we do not eat proper food, then several of the cells in the brain might die. For example, the brain needs Omega 3 fatty acids, which are very essential for the health of the organ. Omega 3 is available in several food items including vegetables, fish and meat. However, most of our diet these days does not contain any natural fats, rather they are replete with synthetic fats. They cause increase in the levels of trans fats and cholesterol in the blood which is not at all healthy for the brain. (See Reference 1)

Omega fatty acids are also responsible for cell replication which is required for the brain. The brain needs nerve cell to communicate and remain active for along time. It is when the brain cells start dying that people starts experiencing memory loss and other related problems. (See Reference 1)

Diets that are rich in protein are beneficial for the brain. The brain needs protein to make more cells and that is why we should have a protein rich diet. A balanced food and diet is also essential at the same time. (See Reference 1)

Apart from the food you consume, even water plays a very important role. Dehydration can also cause brain damage. That is why we experience headaches when we are dehydrated. Having a balanced diet that has vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins as well is very important. Also, poor dietary choices are linked to obesity, and when people put on those extra pounds, it acts adversely on the brain also. It may cause nerve and tissue damage in the brain. (See Reference 1)

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Diets That Cause Brain Damage


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