Neurofeedback And Brain Damage  

Neurofeedback is a relatively new method of treatment for brain damage. It is a process of learning how to gain control over the body functions, which normally take place without our control. It is one of the ways using which you can calm the body and also avoid unwanted attacks. It is a relaxation technique that allows you to gain control over your own body. Learning how to relax is actually very easy, but at the same time you should also concentrate on every part of your body/. This is taught under yoga and other alternative sciences like that.

Neurofeedback can also be monitored. A sensor is placed on a person’s finger and when the body is completely relaxed, the sensor gives an indication through a computer. Biofeedback methods are even used to train the heart and also control the blood pressure and the temperature of hands and feet. (See Reference 1)

This method of training the brain is not that complicated to understand. One cannot train the muscles and how the blood flows in their body. However, one can control them indirectly by controlling brain waves. Brain is the main organ that controls every single action of the body, whether it is internal or external. Except the heart, which is an involuntary muscle, everything else is controlled by the brain. The brain cells are constantly communicating with each other on the processes that go on inside the body. Neurofeedback techniques help us control these brain wave patterns and allow us to calm our bodies through the brain. (See Reference 1)

Scientists have associated brain wave patterns with various illnesses and health problems in our body. There may be some parts of the brain that are working too hard and are under stress. So, brain may not be functioning properly in these areas. The main aim of neurofeedback is to make the brain function properly in these areas. In a way it is like reminding the brain itself about the proper functionalities. Neurfeedback is also helpful in maintaining the health of the brain. As we grow old our brain develops several problems due to anxiety and stress and depression. We become forgetful and start developing symptoms related to the brain like headaches and migraines. All these can be brought under control using neurofeedback. (See Reference 1)

However complicated it may sound, it is not difficult to use the feedback to improvise the conditions of the brain. While neurofeedback can do very little in the case of brain damage, it can help the brain heal itself.

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Neurofeedback And Brain Damage


1. Virginia Center For Neurofeedback: Brain Wave Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)


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Neurofeedback And Brain Damage )
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