5 Reasons Why People Do Not Loose Weight

5 Reasons Why People Do Not Loose Weight

            Trying to loose weight can be a daunting task. For some people, it just feels impossible. Let’s take a look why some people can’t shave off the extra pounds.


Some studies show the correlation that lacking sleep affects one’s metabolism. You may feel hungrier throughout the day, and some people eat more in order to make up for the energy that sleep would, otherwise, provide. Some drink more coffee or other sweeten liquids just to stay awake. Also, when people do not get enough sleep, they tend to move around less; therefore, burning fewer calories. On the more scientific level, the lack of sleep may increase the secretion of hormone corisol that regulates appetite.
Aside from the physical drawbacks, sleep deprivation affects us emotionally. We become more cranky, easily irritable, of which can escalate to anger and other kinds of frustration that can damage our emotional well-being.


The most important meal and the most neglected meal of the day is breakfast. Everything you eat for breakfast, the body can use and burn throughout the day. Thus, not much left turns into stored fats. Some people want to loose weight and cut down on food by skipping breakfast only end up eating more for lunch and dinner. Our activities after lunch and dinners oftentimes are sedentary and do not require a lot of calories.

However, choosing a healthy breakfast is also important. Many American school students have a bar of chocolate and soda for breakfast. That sure will not contribute their weight loss. A healthy breakfast should be rich in protein and fiber. For instance, a low-fat muffin is not as good as an egg and a piece of whole-wheat toast.



The balance between cardio and weight training must be done consistently in a medium to high intensity level in order to result in weight loss. Hard work is required if you want to change your body shape.

Cardio-exercise should be done 3-5 times a week for at least of 30 minutes or more each time to yield the results. If you are a beginner, begin slowly and then build up to it. Once your body is conditioned, you can add harder workouts to your routine in order to burn more calories.

Weight training is meant to tone your body, turning fats into muscles. Another benefit is that muscle mass increases metabolism. The best way is to tone all your muscle groups for at least 2 days a week, on non-consecutive days so that your muscles can rest and recover in between.


Are you one of those people who feel guilty if you can’t finish the food on your plate? Better yet, you feel guilty that your friends can’t finish the food on their plates? Some of us grew up being taught that there are starving children in third world countries and feel guilty every time we can’t finish our food. It’s time for us to re-program a new habit. If you are full, simply stop eating and don’t give yourself any more guilt trip. If you want to help starving children, do so. Remember, you are not helping anyone, certainly not yourself, by overeating.
Or some people feel like they have to constantly munch on something to calm their nerves or to appease one’s boredom. Some call it ‘stress eating.’ Try baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or grapes instead of chocolate bars, chips or fries. Sometimes drinking a glass of water or two can prolong the need to munch on snacks for a period of time.

If you try your best at following an exercise program and keeping a healthy diet and still are not achieving the desired resuls, it’s worth examining if there are medical conditions that prevent you from losing weight. For instance some birth control pills or diabetes medications contribute to weight gain, although it may be true for some and not others. Certain illnesses like thyroid deficiency will naturally cause a decrease in metabolism. Many patients who suffer from thyroid problems will continue to gain weight even though they live a healthy lifestyle.



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