Can Sleep Help Anxiety

Can Sleep Help Anxiety ?

Anxiety is a problem that many people have. Typically, when a person is suffering from anxiety, it affects the person’s sleep pattern. Under normal circumstances, a person requires around 8 hours of sleep to wake up feeling fresh and for the body to be healthy. However, due to anxiety, the quality of sleep is affected and also the duration of the sleep. So besides the anxiety, the person feels tired, disturbed and restless. The good news is even if a person is suffering from anxiety, there are ways to treat it. And, sleep is often one of the best natural treatments for anxiety.

Can Sleep Help Anxiety?
People, who suffer from anxiety, often have sleeping disorders. It has been observed that if the sleeping disorder is treated, it can help with anxiety. Getting adequate sleep not only helps the body, it also helps the brain. People who try to get enough sleep with anxiety disorders will notice a reduction in their anxiety, they will feel more relaxed, they will be able to concentrate better, have better performance at school and work, feel more energized and will be able to recover easily from working long hours.

If a person with anxiety does not get sufficient sleep, they will feel impatient, cranky, fatigued and find it difficult to concentrate on things. As a result, they start feeling more anxious, and the sleep and anxiety patterns become a vicious circle, with one feeding the other.

People, who do not get sufficient hours of sleep, are more prone to health problems, such as diabetes, depression and obesity.

If a person suffers from anxiety, it is imperative that they get adequate hours of sleep to ease their anxiety and related stress.

How to Get Good Sleep with Anxiety?
If you are suffering from anxiety and cannot sleep, you should get in touch with your doctor. The doctor will check you to see whether the anxiety and sleep problems are caused to underlying health issue. If not, the doctor will prescribe medication to help you sleep. Take the medication as directed.

Often, people do not like taking medications, as they are worried about overdosing or getting addicted. Such people will be benefited by doing some meditation or relaxation exercises before retiring to bed. The idea is to calm yourself down, so that you body relaxes enough to let you go to sleep. Once you get good quality sleep, you will wake feeling better and less anxious and stressed out.

Do not drink any stimulants, such as alcohol or coffee, before retiring to bed. Instead, if you feel that the anxiety will keep you awake, drink some herbal tea to calm yourself down. Chamomile is a good tea to help calm the nerves down. Some people also drink a glass of warm milk.

Do not get into bed if you are not feeling sleepy, as you will be tossing and turning or watching television. Instead, sit up and read a book or listen to some soothing music to help you relax.

Sleep can help with anxiety, but you will have to take steps to ensure that you can sleep soundly with an anxiety disorder.

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