Could Your Lipstick Give You Lead Poisoning

Could Your Lipstick Give You Lead Poisoning ?

Women use a wide variety of accessories and makeup to enhance their looks. It helps them feel nice about themselves and also boosts their self-confidence. Lipstick is one makeup item that nearly all women use and they will never step out of their homes without donning their favorite shade. However, it now turns out that lipsticks, which women take for granted as their daily makeup item contain lead. The US FDA found 400 lipsticks that contained some amounts of lead, and this has got women worrying whether their lipstick can give them lead poisoning.

Lipsticks with Lead Content
The US FDA found that Pink Petal by Maybelline and Volcanic by L’Oreal contained 7.19 and 7 ppm of lead. Other popular brands of lipsticks, such as Nars and Cover Girl, also had around 4 to 5 ppm of lead. A total of 400 lipsticks had lead content.
The amount of lead found in these lipsticks was higher than what these lipsticks contained in 2007, when a similar test was done by the US FDA. As per the state of California, the recommended safe level of lead in products should be 5 ppm and none of the lipsticks recently tested by the FDA fell into this category.

Regulation for Checking Lipstick Ingredients
While the US has stringent laws in place for lead contamination in the environment and food items, there appears to be no regulation at the moment to check the amount of lead present in makeup, including lipsticks. The EPA mandates that lead content in drinking water should not exceed 15 ppp and that in kid’s toys should not be more than 100 ppm. However, both the EPA and FDA do not regulate the cosmetic and makeup industry.

Could Your Lipstick Give You Lead Poisoning?
The US FDA claims that the amount of lead found in lipsticks is not a cause of concern, as the level is still within the limits that is considered safe. However, the organization, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, feel that the presence of lead in lipsticks is worrying, as women tend to reapply lipstick many times a day. According to anecdotal evidence, it is claimed that women, who apply lipstick, tend to swallow between 3 and 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Hence, they are consuming the lead present in the lipstick. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics feels that the FDA should bring in a law that ensures that the amount of lead present in lipsticks and other makeup items is brought down to the lowest possible level.

Lead exposure is known to result in problems related to learning, behavior and language in children and can also reduce IQ. When pregnant women are exposed to lead, it can cause a problem with normal development of the baby.

While the FDA maintains that the amount of lead present in lipsticks cannot result in lead poisoning, it also claims that it will continue monitoring lipsticks to see whether there is a need to have a limit on lead content in lipsticks.

So, if you take into consideration what the FDA claims, it appears that lipstick cannot result in lead poisoning. However, women, who are worried about the presence of lead in their lipsticks, should try to avoid those lipsticks that do contain lead.

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