How Many Meal Should You Eat A Day

How Many Meal Should You Eat A Day ?

Typically, most people eat three or meals a day. However, there are many health-related websites and articles that have suggestions on how many should you eat a day. Some will claim that a person should eat 7 to 8 meals a day, while other may state 3 to 5 meals a day. With so many conflicting views and opinions, it can become quite difficult to figure out what is right.

Calories and Body Weight
When it comes to deciding how many meals should you eat a day, it all depends on your current body weight. If your body weight is right, then you will have to calculate the number of calories you will need to maintain that weight. Once you have the calories calculated, you will have to break it down to 3 meals, 6 meals or 7 meals a day.

Typically, it has been seen that when people consume 7 to 8 meals a day, they tend to put on weight. This is because they eat small portions and there is always the tendency to overeat. On the other hand, people who stick to the 3-meal plan have to necessarily eat breakfast and ensure that they do not snack in between the meals. This can be hard as the waiting time between each meal would be 6 or more hours and this can often result in unhealthy snacking. As a result, the person would end up putting on weight, as they will not burn all the calories they consume.

Dieting Does Not Work
Most people try to limit their intake of food to reduce their weight. One of the most popular methods of weight reduction is dieting. However, this is also a method that fails the most often. When people go on a diet, they tend to skip meals. This causes the metabolism to slow down and instead of burning the calories, the body’s natural reaction is to convert it into fat and store it for use later. Furthermore, people, who tend to diet, usually overeat and once again, the excess calories are converted into fat and stored in the body. So instead of losing weight, the person actually ends up gaining weight.

How Many Meals Should You Eat A Day?
It is advisable to eat 5 small meals a day, so that the body gets the energy it loses. This keeps the metabolism going and also helps to keep blood sugar levels correctly. The chances of calories being converted to fat reduce. It is best to pace out the meals and consume a balanced and healthy diet comprising of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The calories required for maintaining optimal body weight should be divided between the meals. This will ensure that the metabolism is enhanced, energy levels are maintained and the body weight is optimal.

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