Snacking Can Help You Keep A Healthy Weight

Snacking Can Help You Keep A Healthy Weight

Typically, it is common to hear that snacking should be avoided, as it can make a person put on weight and lead to several weight-related health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. However, did you know that snacking can help you keep a healthy weight? That sounds weird, doesn’t?

Research on Snacking and Healthy Weight
A study followed 2,372 girls, their frequency of eating and their BMI for a period of 2 years. The researchers found that girls that did not snack between meals had the biggest waistlines and BMIs. The girls, who did not eat between meals, had a weight gain of 8 pounds, and had an increase of 1 inch on their waistline during the duration of the study.

What Does the Research Imply?
The research actually has some truth to it. People, who refrain from eating between meals, end up feeling famished. Hence, when it is time to have their meals, they tend to eat a lot or they eat food that is unhealthy, as they do not want to spend time preparing something healthy. Due to overeating or eating unhealthy food, such people tend to put on weight, as the intake of calories is higher than the calories they burn. So even though these people do not snack, they still manage to gain additional weight and they often are puzzled how this happened.

Snacking Can Help You Keep A Healthy Weight
As long as people eat healthy snacks between meals, they will be able to maintain healthy weight. It is best to eat something in small quantities every 3 hours. When people want to eat something between meals, they should ensure that they consume a little bit from each food group rather than concentrating just on a single food group. Typically, when looking to snack to maintain healthy weight, people should make an effort to each something fresh rather than opting for processed snacks, which are not at all healthy.

Snacking can help you keep a healthy weight as long as you satiate the hunger pangs in your stomach by eating something and then drinking a glass of water. This will keep you going until the next full meal. Learn to much on fruits and veggies raw when you are feeling hungry in between meals. You can also opt for low-fat dairy products, like yogurt and cottage cheese, a boiled egg, and dry roasted nuts.

Snacks should not be more than 100 calories. However, less than 100 calories will not satiate your hunger and eating more than 100 calories will end up resulting in weight gain.

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