Ten Worst Food For Your Health

Ten Worst Food For Your Health

Most people end up storing unhealthy foods in their homes without even realizing the adverse effects these foods can have on their healthy. These unhealthy foods introduce extra salt, fat, sugar and calories without a person realizing it. However, there are 10 worst foods for your health that you should avoid under all circumstances.

Here are the ten worst food for your health, as they contain high levels of salt, sugar, saturated fat and trans fats.

Soda and Artificially Sweetened Drinks
Today, many people love to consume sodas and other artificially sweetened drinks. These are bad for health as they are just high in calories and have no nutritive value. Many people drink sodas while eating and research has found that when people do this, they tend to eat less. This basically means that they fill their stomachs with sodas and consume fewer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are important for the body. Rather than satiating your thirst with soda, bottled tea and energy drinks, it is best to consume water, black tea or green tea. Even a glass of low fat milk is healthy, as it supplies the body with vitamins D and B12, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Water and milkless teas hydrate the body.

People love to eat mayonnaise with their salads and sandwiches. However, this delicious dressing is full of fat. A 1/4 cup of mayonnaise contains 40 gm fat and a whopping 360 calories. Mayonnaise is not so bad, if you eat just one or two teaspoons. But most people eat much more than that. Instead of having mayonnaise, a person can opt for other spreads and sauces that are low in calories, such as salsa, mustard, taco sauce or BBQ sauce. If they find it difficult to give up mayonnaise, they should opt for a lighter version or reduce the amount of mayonnaise they consume.

Processed Lunch Meats
Lunch meats, such as bologna and cold cuts, are part of everyone’s daily diet. They eat them on their own or in a sandwich. However, processed lunch meat is full of sodium, making it extremely unhealthy. Too much sodium can increase blood pressure and result in kidney and heart problems. In addition, lunch meat contains preservatives and unhealthy fats, which are again bad for health. The preservatives used can increase the risk of developing cancer of the colon, as per the American Institute for Cancer Research. Instead of processed lunch meats, people should be looking to eat freshly roasted chicken, beef and turkey.

Alcoholic Drinks
Alcohol is not good for health, as excessive consumption can cause liver problems, cholesterol, heart disease and many other health-related problems. However, when it comes to nutrition, alcohol is nothing but calories. These calories cannot be converted by the body into energy. If a person wants to drink, the consumption should be moderation, so that the body is not adversely affected. However, better than drinking alcohol, it is best to drink plain water, soda water with a lemon wedge or freshly brewed iced coffee or tea.

Whole Milk Products
While dairy products are a source of Vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, protein and riboflavin, whole milk products introduce cholesterol and fat into the body. This can result in unhealthy weight gain and elevated blood cholesterol level, which is known to result in cardiovascular disease. Rather than consuming whole milk products, there are low fat milk products, such as cottage cheese, milk, cream cheese, and cheese that people should be looking to consume.

Sausages and Hot Dogs
Hot dogs and sausages are part of most people daily meals. Sausages are often consumed for breakfast, as they are quick to make, while hot dogs are eaten at lunch or dinner. However, both sausages and hot dogs are full of sodium and fat. Thus regular consumption of sausages and hot dogs is extremely unhealthy. Instead people should be consume meats with low sodium and fat, such as roast beef, roasted skinless chicken or turkey, or pork tenderloin. If a person cannot do without their sausages and hot dogs, there are healthier options, such as nitrate-free and low-fat sausages and hot dogs which are available today in most supermarkets. However, these will still be high in sodium.

Regular Ice Cream
Most people keep ice cream in their freezers as a dessert or snack. However, even a half cup serving of ice cream is full of fat, calories and saturated fats which are considered unhealthy for the body. Instead of regular gourmet ice cream, a person can opt for lighter ice cream versions or even low-fat frozen yogurts to satiate their urge for something sweet after a meal. Alternatively, it is healthier to eat freshly cut fruits.

Creamy Salad Dressings
Most people avoid salads if they do not have a nice, rich and creamy salad dressing. This is because the raw veggies tend to taste bland and insipid. So they add a generous amount of creamy salad dressing. Two tablespoons of normal, creamy salad dressing contains around 120 calories, 380 mg of sodium, 12 gm of fat and 2.5 gm of saturated fats. However, most people consume a lot more dressing in one sitting than 2 tablespoons. It is best to go for lighter dressing rather an eating the creamy ones. Or just drizzle some olive oil, freshly ground mustard and a pinch salt to make a delicious and healthy salad dressing.

Butter and Margarine
Breakfast or sandwich taste lame without having butter or margarine spread on your bread. However, butter and margarine that come in stick form are full of saturated fats and possibly trans fats. Just a single teaspoon of butter or margarine contains 100 calories and 11 gm fat. So instead of using the regular butter and margarine for sandwiches, go for low-fat margarine that contains less saturated fats and negligible trans fats. If you want to cook using butter or margarine, stay away from it. Instead use olive oil or canola oil for cooking.

Readymade Frozen Potato Products
Most people love to eat potatoes with their breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, rather than making fries or hash browns from fresh potatoes, people tend to opt for readymade, packaged potato products. However, these products contain a lot of fat, saturated fats and sodium. They are also high in calories. Instead of eating these processed potato products, people should try baked or roasted potatoes, which are healthier and contain important nutrients that the body needs.

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