Effects Of Down S Syndrome  

In the year 1866, a British doctor named John Langdon Down deciphered that the trisomy of the 21st chromosome leads to a chromosomal abnormality that results in delayed physical and mental growth. This medical condition was termed after his name as the Down syndrome. This chromosomal defect is evident in the appearance of the affected individual itself.

Some of the physical effects of Down syndrome include almond-shaped eyes, flat-bridged nose, a small mouth with a protruding tongue, shorter limbs, reduced muscle tone, larger than normal space between the 1st and 2nd toe, and single crease on the palms. Such individuals also display learning disabilities due to varying degrees of mental retardation. The mental effects of this medical condition include delayed speech and fine motor skills, poor articulation and communication skills, retarded emotional and intellectual growth and poor social skills.

Children born with Down syndrome require thorough medical examination as apart from the apparent abnormalities, they are prone to several other disorders such as congenital heart diseases, gastro esophageal reflux disease, thyroid problems, epilepsy, leukemia, immunity problems, ear infections and sleep apnea. Down syndrome also results in poor fertility in both genders. There are only 3 men suffering with Down syndrome who have been reported to have children of their own. Since the condition has such grave consequences that one has to deal with in the entire lifetime; therefore it only seems prudent to get a genetic analysis of the fetus conducted during the pregnancy phase itself. However, for those who have children with this abnormality, there is hope in the form of special schools and other modern facilities that assist in making life worth living for them.

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Effects Of Down S Syndrome




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