Facts On Mental Retardation  

Mental Retardation (MR) is one of the most common neurological disorders in which an individual has certain limits in mental, cognitive and group activities. Generally, MR is considered to be a general intellectual disability. But there is some disparity among the two forms of illness.

A person who is mentally retarded always needs others’ help for his day-to-day work and exhibit a low intelligence quotient (IQ). Whereas a person having general ‘intellectual disability’ has an IQ score below average and can lead his life quite independently. Moreover, children suffering from the latter learn to handle their problems more easily than those suffering from the former.

To understand exactly what MR is, here are a few important mental retardation facts:

  • The level and intensity of the disorder among children or grown-ups varies in each case.
  • Approximately seven million people (3percent of American population) are believed to be distressed by mental retardation.
  • MR is not an illusion or any person’s imagination, but is a cerebral disorder.
  • People who are mentally retarded need not necessarily be aggressive and precarious. The fact is that their reaction to various situations may be quite abnormal because of their low IQ and poor learning capacity. But, if these individuals are handled with affection and care, they can comprehend the situations easily.
  • Mental retardation and mental illness are not necessarily the same in all cases. Mental retardation refers to a condition in which a person has mental, cognitive and adaptive capability at a sub-normal rate. These people need continuous help, care, and a customized plan of learning.
  • Besides, MR is not a communicable disease. It is a neurophysiologic disorder in which the entire anatomy and physiology of the patient’s neurological system is damaged.
  • The level of disability varies from one case to another. If a person is slightly affected, he can be looked after at home with extra care and help. But, in case of severe form of MR, adequate training and help given by asylums is required.
  • Though, a person who is retarded mentally exhibits characteristics, such as poor learning capability, his motor skills, cognitive abilities, and the general thought process. These skills can be improved by some vocational training. It will help them living an improved life.
  • There are many factors that cause mental retardation, like German measles during pregnancy, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, chromosomal abnormalities, etc. In many cases, the possibility of mental retardation development in a child can be avoided if the pregnant woman looks after her health carefully. However, in a few cases, it is difficult to prevent MR caused due to congenital defects.
  • MR is detected by a doctor by examining its symptoms in a child. These people must be loved and accepted as an integral component of the society.

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Facts On Mental Retardation




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