Symptom Of ADD Or ADHD In Toddler

Symptom Of ADD Or ADHD In Toddler

When the thought of attention deficit disorder comes into mind, many people visualize a kid who is out-of-control, constantly moving, playing and hitting the walls and disturbing everyone around. But, these are not the only things with children going through Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ ADHD).

While some children are known to be hyperactive, there are others who may be used to sitting quietly, having their attention far off. Some children focus on a particular task and have difficult time shifting their attention to a different thing. There are also some who are only slightly inattentive, but excessively impulsive.

The 3 main characteristics in ADD/ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The symptoms in a child suffering from ADD/ADHD vary according to the predominant characteristics. Children suffering from ADD/ ADHD can be inattentive, hyperactive and inattentive, as mentioned above.

Children with ADD who show only inattentive symptoms are overlooked many times due to their non-disruptive nature. But, the symptoms related to inattention do end in consequences like getting in fight with teachers and parents for not going by the directions, poor performance in school, clashes against other kids for breaking rules etc.

Children having ADD are capable of paying attention to the things they find pleasure in doing. But, as the activity gets boring or repetitive, they tune out quickly.

Not having enough close attention is also a common problem. Children going through ADD regularly skip from one task to the other, without the completion of any of them or they tend to skip the steps necessary in the process. Doing their school work and their time at school goes harder than the rest of the children. Kids having ADD/ADHD are also known to have problems in concentrating amidst activities around them. They mostly need calm and a quiet place to maintain their attention.

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Symptom Of ADD Or ADHD In Toddler