Documentation Of Vaccines

Documentation Of Vaccines

Since over a decade back, there came to exist 2 sets of standards in guiding the deliverance of immunizations to both children and adults. Under the management of National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), these standards have been through revision, recently. These revisions focus on the following:

  • Making access to vaccines easy
  • Effective communication of the information on vaccination
  • Strategizing for improving vaccination rates
  • Building up community partnerships for reaching the target population

Vaccine availability:

  • Services for vaccination are easily available
  • Vaccinations have coordination with various services in healthcare and are given in a medical home as and when possible.
  • Barriers in vaccination are recognized and minimized
  • The costs to the patient are minimized
  • Vaccination status assessment
  • Professionals in healthcare assess the health and vaccination status in patients during every consultation for determining the vaccines administered
  • Processionals in healthcare review and follow merely the contraindications that are indicated medically.
  • Effective communication regarding the benefits and risks of vaccines and all the people are made aware of it in a culturally suitable manner and in easy language.

Appropriate vaccine storage, administration and documentation of vaccinations:

  • Professionals in healthcare follow proper procedures for storing and handling vaccines
  • Updated vaccination protocols in writing are made available at the places where vaccinations happen
  • People administering vaccines and the staff managing and supporting the administration of vaccines have relevant knowledge and go through constant learning
  • Professionals in healthcare concurrently administer maximum possible indicated dosage of vaccine
  • The records of patients been through vaccination are precise, complete and is accessible easily. Professionals in healthcare report bad events that follow the vaccination immediately to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), accurately. They are also aware of a program called as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)
  • Every personnel having coming in contact with the patients are properly vaccinated.

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Documentation Of Vaccines