Abdominal Distention After Breast Augmentation

Abdominal Distention After Breast Augmentation

When a woman goes for breast augmentation, there are certain side effects that she would have to bear just like any other type of surgery. Therefore, before you have the surgery, it is always better to inquire with the doctor the possible side effects you may experience.

A breast augmentation procedure is primarily done to improve the contour of the body, to correct the difference in size between the 2 breasts or use it as a technique to reconstruct the breast after a surgery. The implants used can be silicone based or saline based, and these implants can be placed in two ways. One, they can be placed below the breast tissue, or second, they can be placed under the muscles of the chest wall. An augmentation procedure helps in increasing the size of the breast and done nothing to change the symmetry of the nipple, lift breasts that are drooping or bring the breasts closer to one another.

Nowadays, the implants are placed under the muscle of the chest wall. This kind of breast augmentation does not interfere with future mammograms, has a better result where cosmetic esthetics are concerned and also reduces the chances of capsular contraction. However, the recovery time from this procedure is longer and the woman will experience more pain and inflammation compared to the other procedure where the implants are put above the muscle. In addition, this procedure is carried out under general anesthesia.

In the second kind of breast augmentation, the implants are place under the breast tissue, but above the muscle of the chest wall. This procedure carries certain amount of risk. A woman will have a higher chance of capsular contraction, and it will also pose a problem when mammograms are carried out in the future. However, the recovery time for this procedure is less along with less pain and inflammation. This procedure can be carried out using local anesthesia or IV sedation.

Some women complain of abdominal distension after breast augmentation procedure. This is actually more common than most women realize. The swelling that occurs in the breasts can extend until the abdomen causing a feeling of distended abdomen. Also, if the procedure is carried via the belly button, then it will result in collection of fluid in the soft tissues located around the abdomen. This causes abdominal distension after breast augmentation procedure. Also, if the procedure is done under general anesthesia, then it is quite common for women to complain about abdominal distension after breast augmentation.

In case you are experiencing abdominal distension after breast augmentation, you should get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon at once to have the issued addressed.

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Abdominal Distention After Breast Augmentation