Abdominal Distention After Eating

Abdominal Distention After Eating

Are you suffering from abdominal distension after eating? Well, do not be upset as there are millions of people who suffer from this condition. Usually, this abdominal distension is bloating and not real distension of the abdomen. One feels that their stomach has swelled up and the waist band of the clothes appear to feel tighter. In addition, the person may also experience some amount of gas and flatulence.

Generally, when people suffer from abdominal distension after eating, they try to avoid those foods that cause the flatulence or feeling of being full. This is a short term approach to condition, which is a sign of some problem in the digestion system. And, if you actually do suffer from a problem of the digestive system, then you will experience abdominal distension after eating no matter what you eat.

This distension occurs because the person tends to swallow air while eating food or drinking water after a meal. While it is normal to ingest some amount of air while eating, those who experience distension are actually consuming their food too fast. As a result the air that is ingested expands after it is warmed up due to the temperature of the body, and the result pain that a person experiences is nothing but the expanded air traveling through the intestine.

In order to prevent abdominal distension after eating, it is important to slow down the eating process. A person must make a conscious effort to chew the food properly and be relaxed while eating. Also, if possible, it is advisable to drink water via a straw to do away with air entering your stomach while you are drinking. Another reason for abdominal distension after eating is having insufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. To find out this, you will be required to visit a doctor, who will be able to do the relevant test. If the test is positive, then the doctor will prescribe hydrochloric acid supplements to take while you are eating.

One more reason for abdominal distension after eating is actually overeating. Here, the stomach gets stretched beyond its capacity and there is insufficient room for the stomach to contract and digest the food. The solution is to stop eating too much at one go. Instead, it is preferable to smaller meals right through the day.

When food is not digested completely, gas forms due to the bacteria residing in this partially digested food. This causes distension of the abdomen. Therefore, it is imperative that you chew your food properly before swallowing it and also ensure that you eat foods that can be digested easily and quickly.

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Abdominal Distention After Eating